Guest rooms and guest table - Largentière - Southern Ardeche

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Enter the antechamber to discover the themes that we have staged in each of our rooms all decorated with charm and tainted with the history of our family.
Our spacious rooms are all equipped with a wifi connection, air conditioning by geothermal energy, a double sound insulation of high quality, walk-in shower and independent toilet cabinet, a large desk and a wardrobe to accommodate your personal business.
Rejuvenate yourself by taking advantage of the dominant view of the House up to the horizon, enjoy the magic of our property to stroll between the cherry tree. Let go you to the contemplation of the richness of the local fauna and flora (may be you could see a salamander or the black orchids that have elected homes on the ground...), smell to each of your steps the scent of wild thyme that scattered the ground, relax to the sound of the source flowing into its basin ,...